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Fred is a freelance writer who has extensive experience in the fields of parenting, science, country living, and family travel.

Stay At Home Dad (SAHD)

Being a stay-at-home-dad of two young children has taught Fred the important lesson that food, sex, and sleep should never, under any circumstance, be taken for granted. Fatherhood has also allowed him to realize what he is capable of while reminding him of what matters most in life as he navigates the turbulent waters of being a man in what is still largely a woman’s world.


Fred has worked in medical research for the past 25 years and it is through this work that he has come to appreciate the wonders of science. His time in the laboratory has also familiarized him with the language that is inherent in the scientific literature and taught him that doctors and scientists are, for the most part, just regular people like you and I, they just happen walk around all day wearing white lab coats.

New Englander (in-training)

Having left behind the sun and surf of California for what he considers to be the good life in Vermont, Fred has traded in his surfboard for a chainsaw and a pair of skis and has never looked back. Despite the fact that his family and friends question his sanity for leaving the warmth of California for the cold Winters of Vermont, he sees it differently. In fact, he tends to look back and wonder how he ever lived in Los Angeles in the first place.

World Traveler

In the early, formative years of his life, Fred learned about far-off exotic locales by watching reruns of Gilligan’s Island and the Love Boat. Now that he is a father, his family has given him the wherewithal and inspiration to travel to these places and experience them firsthand. Traveling with young children isn’t always easy, especially for an anxious person who is fearful of the unknown, but it is always, without exception, a rewarding experience whereby both he and his family grow immeasurably from their adventures.

Needless to say, his life is a constant source of ideas and inspiration for his writing. He is currently a senior writer for the websites Parenting Squad, Healthcare Hacks, and Healthy Theory, and is an occasional contributor to Wisebread.

Fred also maintains two personal blogs, Parenting the Hard Way and Green in the Green Mountain State, has kept travel blogs, and has written articles for The Valley News, WAHMmagazine and the Away Network.

Prompt, witty, reliable, and effective at communicating a message, Fred is available for whatever freelance writing assignment you wish to pursue.

My Blogs

Parenting the Hard Way

The adventures of a father who is finding the answers by dedicating himself to his family.

Green in the Green Mountain State

A former surfer’s quest to become a real man in rural Vermont.

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